Wednesday, April 20, 2011

cover clash: headless ladies

"Cover Clash" is a book meme that highlights how some book covers are truly too similar to one another. While "Cover Clash" is a regular feature, I post it fairly sporadically. Feel free to participate as well, but don't forget to credit me!
 There have been cases where some covers are reused for different books, but then there are those like these...

Things I Know About Love 
by Kate Le Vann
Don't Expect Magic
by Kathy McCullough
I get how it's considered artsy at times when the subjects photographed don't show their heads/faces, giving the picture a mysterious vibe, but really? It's kind of overdone, in my opinion. Don't be afraid to show your faces, ladies! Everyone goes through puberty, a couple of zits shown to the public aren't the worst of your worries. :)


  1. Haha, "Everyone goes through puberty, a couple of zits shown to the public aren't the worst of your worries. :)"

    Wow, both of these covers look very similar. It's always interesting to see how different trends become popular with book covers... especially YA. Great Cover Clash!

  2. LOL those covers really are very similar. What is it about that pose? I know it's supposed to be "cute" but why?? I'd like to see their faces too.

    Here from CEP :)


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